MOX store is about brands that we have put together, because they correspond to our idea of perfect clothes. We value the quality of materials and production, fair pricing, innovation and designer's approach to his work.

All products, that you can find on our website, are a reflection of our point of view on the fashion industry as a whole. We focus not on short-term trends and market tendencies, but brands that have the potential to become useful in your life for a long time. Next season we plan to expand our the list of brands, pay attention to accessories, footwear and menswear. 

In order to have a complete understanding of what is happening around, we think it is important to observe and look beyond local borders for global influences in clothes, art and creativity. That’s why we’ll have special section Xenomania, which will soon appear on our website.

If you want to ask a question or share your wishes -  info@moxstore.com 

Thank you, stay tuned !